Pencil Case - Vintage Leather - NJ 8814

  • $49.00

The Ninja Co. Pencil Case. Organize small items with ease. An essential stationery for storage and travel. Smooth and durable vintage leather case that will develop beautiful patina over time.

  • Material - Top Grain Leather aka Full Grain Leather. The most desirable, valuable and durable layer of a cowhide.
  • Type - Vintage Leather aka Oil Tanned Leather. Smooth, flexible and durable that requires little maintenance. Develops beautiful patina over time.
  • Size - 175 mm x 50 mm. Large capacity.
  • Feature - 1 zipper compartment.
  • Color - Brown which represents honesty, reliability and maturity.
  • Warranty - 3 years protection. Free repair or simply exchange for a new piece.

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