Our Story





The Ninja Co.

We stay away from the limelight, work quietly behind the scenes and let our works do the talking.

We produce leather goods without logo. A discreet brand that is approved by the tens of thousands.



We Love Leather.

Everyone has their own reason to love leather but one common ground is that leather has the ability to look classy and luxurious.

Leather makes no loud statements and no over-the-top claims. Leather subtlety speaks for itself because class is what leather says. That’s why leather shine with unmatched class.



Our Leather Quality.

We use the top layer of the cowhide in our leather goods. This top layer is commonly known as the Full-Grain or Top-Grain Leather. It is the strongest and most durable part of the cowhide.



Our Vintage Leather.

Our oil-tanned leather will change its hue and shade when rubbed, scratched or bent. This gives the leather its popular vintage and antique charm.



Our Natural Leather.

Our vegetable-tanned leather is eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals. It will become more beautiful, developing character and patina over time.



Our Italian Leather.

Vegetable-tanned leather from Italy is highly regarded because of it’s quality and rich tradition. The Italian tanneries are well known to produce some of the finest leather in the world.



Corporate Gifting.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in different industries to showcase their brands. The client came out with ideas and we took care of the rest.